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How to behave in a Polish house

Polish hospitality and American guests

When our American friends visited our Seattle apartment for the first time, you could tell we all grew in different cultures. Having guests at...
Polish Legends Twardowsky

Polish Legends and Hell Department of Slavic Demons

Polish myths and legends are full of Slavic demons and stories of the brave Poles outwitting the devil. Have you heard of  Baba Yaga,...

Bedtime stories – 5 Top Polish cartoons

Polish bedtime stories and growing up in the communist Poland in the 80’s wasn't very colorful. You weren’t given many cartoons on the 2 channel...

Pierogi vs Pierogies – what are they?

Pierogi aka pierogies are probably the most popular Polish food. I’m not gonna claim that the Polish invented pierogi because different variations of pierogi are...
Ania loves pierogi, coffee and cherry pies!

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