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Polish Legends Twardowsky
Polish Legends Twardowsky

Polish myths and legends are full of Slavic demons and stories of the brave Poles outwitting the devil. Have you heard of  Baba Yaga, Mr. Twardowsky, Basilisk or Devil BorutaNow all these Polish Legends were given a modern twist!

Ages ago in Krakow, a nobleman called
Mr. Twardowsky was actively interested in alchemy and magic. After studying wise books, Twardowski soon realized that no magic will ever happen without the help of supernatural powers. He then sold his soul to the devil and soon grew into wealth and fame. When the devil finally came to collect Twardowski’s soul, the nobleman had a lucky escape to the Moon.

Polish Legends – Polish fantasy

Tomasz Bagiński and Allegro team new and very attractive take on the Polish Legends is something that has never happened in the Polish pop culture. It’s not only showing old Polish fables in a modern way – it’s the new approach they take towards stories so deeply rooted in the Slavic culture. But beware because these are not fairy tails for kids!

Mr. Twardowsky
swears like a bargee flies a spaceship, hacks the system and tortures the devil with ‘disco polo’ music.

Even the Krakow Dragon flies a massive war machine, uses lasers and kidnaps attractive young cheeks! Apart from the actors playing in leading roles in the movies some bit parts were played by the greatly-recognizable figures such as Jerzy Stuhr, politician Leszek Balcerowicz, and some top Polish YouTubers. The music you hear is known to every single Pole born or growing up before the millennium.

The Krakow Dragon legend (or Wawel Dragon) fits into the modern look of Kraków just great!
Mr. Twardowsky
keeps abreast with the current music hits and Yaga is finally well translated into English! All these legends shown in the modern times provide us with a broader picture of Polish pop culture

Once in the original legend witty shoemaker Skuba defeating the dragon, the dragon is now outsmarted by a young engineer! Basilisk shows you story of yet another day of an angler, and Yaga presents climate change and natural disasters as a result of her ‘evil’ doing.

Do watch all the movies: Smok, Twardowsky, Twardowsky 2.0, Operacja Bazyliszek, Jaga and the extras: Aleja Gwiazd and Mój jest ten kawałek podłogi

and enjoy your time and space travel!